Monday 2 March 2009

Scenes From The Studio

Who'd think this is the studio where bike stuff happens? There are some saddles on the verge of happening, but the project at the moment is Thuy's wedding outfit. A pair of wool tailored shorts and white half placket shirt.

Sewing has been known to do my head in, often resulting in exhaustive strings of obscenities at full volume. Didn't happen this time, mostly because I took regular breaks. It's stressful business, sewing.

The last break I grabbed the camera and snapped some micro scenes of the studio, the details. Though there's not much bike stuff (only in one image) in this post there a detail from Malcolm Peels drawing, Vahit Altinay's 'French Curve' from his University days in Ankara and an X rated birthday card drawn by Tri.

Thuy's shorts are almost complete and then there's four saddles to do. On top of all that University started back today. Tomorrow I'm starting off my studio class, Cycle Craft, a fashion design studio dealing with the conjunction of the bicycle and fashion.