Saturday, August 1, 2009

RIH-Sport Ged's Fixie Finished

After about four months we've finally completed Ged's new fixie. I picked the frame up at Tour de Ville in London's North East back in April, complete with Campy headset and Shimano bottom bracket. It's an old Dutch frame made by a small Amsterdam establishment called RIH. Tubing is Reynolds 531 and the fork has a really nice double crown, un-drilled with chrome detailing. Decals seem almost hand painted and the stamp on the head tube would suggest the frame was made in 1979. Sourced NOS Campy Record Pista crankset from the US, Record Pista bottom bracket from a friend, seat post from the box of parts Thuy picked up at a garage sale for $10. Wheels built by Shifter Bikes using high polish Velocity B43 rims, record hubs and fine bladed spokes. Rims polished by Fyxomatosis to match their highly acclaimed chain ring. Saddle is a re-covered San Marco Rolls Due by yours truly along with the natural leather straps you can see me stitching together here. Nice stuff Ged, already turning heads in the streets of Melbourne. Hopefully some nice detail images of the whole bike coming soon.


  1. Found my way here via fyxomatosis. Admired the bike, ducked out of the office for a cuppa, there it was parked on Flinders Lane. Tidy.

    It might be a big world but it's a small Melbourne, especially if you don't venture into the shit bits.

  2. After a long day in Melbourne I stumbled upon a beautiful Rih-sport bicycle... Being a student from the Netherlands, it is always a delight to see vintage bicycles taken care of... Keep up the good work, your bike looks awesome.

  3. This bike may be older than you think. I have a RIH Sport Super Course (although mine is painted white) with the same decals. I'm guessing you think it may have been built in 1979 because the frame number has a "79" in it. Mine is frame number 7931 but it was built in 1968.

  4. Thanks for your insight anon, I always thought that the styling didn't look very 1979.


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