Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Shopping bike

Finally finished the Busyman Shopping Bike. Assembled onto an old Repco frame set recovered from the Phillip Island tip the bike features single speed wheels built by Shifter Bikes, a $5 pair of mis-matched cranks, old Peugeot mudgards, rusty old rack with basket attached, kick stand, Brooks saddle from the heavy old Avon, a new brake system with cross levers, front cane basket and hand stitched leather grips with wooden bar plugs. All these additional components nearly did my head in, very different to a minimal fixie or single speed. Particularly difficult was fitting the mudguards and rack, I ended up having to crudely engineer my own brackets to get it to work. Tried it out last night on a trial shopping run. Bought cheese, corriander and beer. Forgot the bread stick which would really have looked the part.
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  1. did you wear a beret?

  2. Melbourne is too hot for berets at this time of year and unfortunately they don't come with the Australian Safety Standard sticker.

  3. just wanna know..what T crank you use?
    and can i get the detail of the basket?

  4. The left and right cranks are unmatched, same length but completely different models. the drive side is actually from a tripple chainring set. The basket was a gift from my sister, unfortunately I don't know the details. The whole bike was built from bits and pieces found here and there. Nothing fancy at all.