Friday, May 7, 2010

Tom's Door Handle

I recently completed this job for Tom and Joy. The appartment is on the market and they wanted the worn doorhandle to look and feel just right. Possibly my most unusual leather covering job so far, particularly as I did it in-situ in a not so quiet Middle Park street. Many a passer by glanced my way wondring what I was up to, I could see them in the reflection of the glass door.
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  1. Hey Mick, do you use one of those multi-pronged fork-style punches to achieve the holes to sew through?

  2. I have a couple but I don't use them. I've gotten into the habit of marking each individual hole and piercing them with an awl. However on the envy handle bars I pierced the holes with my sewing machine - not threaded up and fitted with a walking foot. I might use this technique more in the future.

  3. Hi Mick,
    I'm a biking enthusiast living on the opposite side of the world, in Portugal, and really love your work to the point I got inspired in making my own diy handlebar covers. I used white cow leather about 1.5mm thick. The leather is not waterproof treated for exterior use.

    How can I treat/waterproof this leather? Will it be permanent? Is silicone spray enough?

    Keep up the good work!
    Best regards,

  4. Hey Vasco, I usually try to keep my bikes out of the rain. I think siliconespray would be a good start but you would have to reapply regularly. You should investigate Handlebra, they're in the US and do a weather proof leather bar tape. Hurrican proof they say.