Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Bicycle and the Jacket

the toiles, patterns, drafts, films, photos, drawings and collages.
Here are a few snaps from my exhibition which opened on Thursday evening down at Endless Pedal Gallery and Boutique. My jackets are shown in various unfinished stages for a couple of reasons. It's partly an exercise in knowing when something is finished enough rather than than taking something to an over-finished state. It's also about the process of making and leaving some evidence of the making process and technique in the finished (un-finished) piece.

Busyman Tailored Jacket #3 - Denim

Busyman Tailored Jacket #1 with Scott Reincarnated

Left: My toile. Right: Jiwon's beautiful drafts.

Our dining table and Shifter Bikes next door.

Xu Duo's collages & Tamara's seated trousers

The trousers are for the seated body
The exhibition is part of the State of Design Festival and is open until August 13th, 2011. If anyone wants to place an order for a bespoke tailored bicycle friendly jacket I'm keen if you are.