Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Casino Colnago Unicanitor


My first go at using this white vegetable tanned kangaroo hide. It's fractionally thicker than most of the hides I use and kind of stiffer (more difficult to work with). But the results are really clean and the skin itself seems to be exceptionally strong. This one's another old Cinelli Unicanitor for Ken in Boston. I'm really happy with how the Colnago emblem turned out on the two sides.

The design is a Unicanitor variation on the 'Casino' which continues to be kind of popular.


  1. Hello, I'm from Italy. Your work is amazing! I'd love to get a custom leather bar tape in olive green. How can I place an order? Thank you! -a.-

  2. Hi Alberto, we can discus on email, the address is in my profile.

  3. Hello Mick,

    I just received the saddle and I must say that your pictures do no justice to the fine work, craftsmanship and attention to detail. It is absolutely spectacular. Your prices are excellent, combined with extremely fast service, super fast shipping, and excellent communication throughout. This is not my first project with you, and certainly not my last. Thanks again, Ken.