Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Specialized Power Expert

I have been putting off starting work on this Specialized Power saddle because I have been too concerned about how well I could mould and stretch the leather around the ends of the centre cut-out. Procrastination was no longer an option with two Power Pros sitting in my drawer due to be recovered this week. Thanks to Kim for giving me the saddle to practice with. In the end it turned out quite well, I'd say I'm about 90% satisfied with the outcome.

The first Power Pro did not turn out quite so well. The problem; keeping the foam padding intact when removing the original cover. It has a couple of bumpy sections around the edge.

Some of the new model saddles from a couple of different brands, are causing me some stress; saddles that have the cover tuck into a lip or flange rather than folded under and adhere to the underside of the saddle shell. Over time and with more practice I'm sure I will be able to master them but at the moment they can be a bit of a headache.