Sunday 7 February 2010

Resurected from Beneath a Car

Alison's Road Master, found in a ditch by the side of a country lane. Her dad made it rideable until one of the pedals fell apart, I found a suitable set to replace them in one of my yoghurt containers. Then, while riding through piles if leaves on an autumn day, a tree branch found its way between the front spokes. The wheel was wrecked and Alison found herself and the Road Master underneath a car, thank goodness it was stationary.

Before leaving for a year long tour of the globe Alison asked me to fix it up and left it chained to my front fence with instructions to cut the chain when I was ready to work on it and she would collect in a years time.

Oringinal Parts: Frame, fork, bars, head set, bottom bracket, mud guards, seat post and bolt, saddle
Reclaimed Parts: Pedals, cranks, rims, stem
New: Brakes, hubs, spokes, chain, chain ring, cog and lockring.

It's fixed, I hope Alison likes riding it, should be a breeze since she's experienced on a unicycle.

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