Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Saddle Bag Attached

A customer asked me to attach this bag to the saddle on his Gellie Custom touring bike. So I did it with a couple of short belts with brass buckles. Eventually there will be a mini rack to support the bottom of the bag and prevent it swinging around and getting in the way. A beautiful old bag, heavy though, the leather is at least 5mm thick. Posted by Picasa


  1. old school yet classy. . . nice one

  2. Hi

    Spent the last hour perusing your blog. I'm not a huge fixie fan, but I can absolutely appreciate your attention to detail. Fantastic!

    Thank you


  3. Hey Busyman,
    I've been checking your post everyday for the last week or so and there seems to be no posts. :o( Hope you are on your bike hitting the hills. Hope to see you out there soon. Post your road bikes up.

  4. Waiting for Feride to take some nice pictures. She's spent the last couple of days working for someone else! There's also a Colnago Turbo coming up soon too.