Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Aqua 44 SMP Dynamic & 2 Piece saddle bag Baum Orbis +

Rob's Baum Orbis + with SMP Dynamic saddle custom leather covered by me with raised and perforated 44 showing through in Aqua. Two piece saddle bag with raised emboss circle 44.

Monday, 23 May 2022

SMP Dynamic with New Baum Logo

SMP Dynamic custom recovered in kangaroo leather with 2/3 back end grid perforations coloured to match the fade paint scheme plus the raised motif of Baum Cycles new anniversary tree logo. All this for Shane's Baum Orbis.

Sunday, 22 May 2022

Selle SMP Dynamic: Back End Blue Perforations: Baum Orbis

Vaughan's Baum Orbis with Busyman recovered SMP Dynamic saddle in black leather with back end perforations to match the custom 'fjordblau' frame colour

SMP Lite 209 & Two Piece Saddle Bag

Matthew's Baum Orbis with Busyman recovered Selle SMP Lite 209 and matching 2 piece saddle bag with orange and blue perforated detailing.

SMP saddles from 2020 and 2021

Having done so many SMP saddle recovers I have been adjusting and refining my patterns with almost every job. This includes adding some gussets on the underside to improve the fit of the leather cover as well as adjusting the perforation patterns so that they follow more accurately the contours of the saddle. I'm really happy with how they are turning out as my technique improves. The one above is fully perforated in the grid pattern with a pale blue to red fade showing through on both saddle and bar tapes.

This is mainly black on black perforations with just a few light blue and orange lines for John's titanium Legend.

For Prova Cycles I tried to cover the saddle in black Alacntara but it was a big FAIL. The complex shape of the saddle required a material with stretch in all directions. It could probably be done but would require some panel seams on the top surface of the saddle. The solution was to use kangaroo leather for the saddle paired with Alcantara for the bar tape. I don't really enjoy working with synthetic leathers.

SMP in black leather with simple all over light blue perforations
SMP - Black on black 2/3 perforated

Smaller 1mm perforations don't show as much of the contrast colour on the saddle. This saddle has a mix of gold and black perforations.

Saturday, 21 May 2022

Hand Dyed Leather: Assorted 2022

John's SMP Full Carbon saddle with black and burgundy/chestnut faded patina hand dyed effect with matching bar tape. Hand dying the leather never gives a uniform result but therein lies the beauty in my opinion. It's also unpredictable how it will change with time becoming deeper or lighter colour.

Marty's Arione in chestnut tan and brown speedy dots

Mohammed Ahli's blue fade patina Power saddle and bar tape

Specialized Power Saddles 2022

A couple of Power saddles for Cam in black and orange or orange and black.

Power Arc with the undulating landscape perforation patterns in yellow, white and green for Dean's green Mooro Kwibidgi all road gravel bike

Friday, 20 May 2022

Wondercross - Specialized Power & custom bar tape

Take another look at the leatherwork I created for William's favourite Wondercross gravel bike. Taking reference from the logo the saddle and bar tape perforation design suggests elements of the landscape. Photos borrowed from Wondercross Instagram

Customised saddles in tobacco & whisky tans (recent 2022)

Romin Evo Pro fully covered in kangaroo antique tobacco colour leather with titanium silver/grey perforations. Complete set including double row perforated bar tape and two piece saddle bag.

Aliante R3 Open in kangaroo whip whiskey leather for Bill's Open Up including a perforated interpretation of the Open logo.

Power saddle in kangaroo whip whiskey leather. Perforations in Ivory Glow, Copper and Duck Egg Blue for Peter's Baum Orbis

SLR Flow simple plain recover in kangaroo antique tobacco colour leather paired with classic perforated bar tape.

Tim's Selle SMP recovered in shrunken bison leather. Thanks to Tim for procuring two leather pieces from Leh Cycling Goods in Texas for me to complete this job. The leather is very thick but Carson Leh very kindly split it for me on his bell skiver before sending it down under.

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

One piece wallet

Ben's folded one piece bifold wallet in antique tobacco kangaroo leather with a variegated effect. Simple, minimal, practical, special. I really love these wallets.

Customised saddles in brandy whip & browns from 2021 to date

Romin full cover in dark brown leather for Dennis' new Legend by Bertoletti IL58 with titanium silver/grey perforated detail on the saddle and two piece saddle bag. The bar tape, complete with Busyman bar end caps, has dark navy blue perforations picking up on the fork colour.

Brooks C15 in brandy whip leather with titanium silver/grey perforations for Mooro Cycles in Western Australia.

SQ LAB 610 Ergolux in brandy whip leather with titanium sliver/grey perforations also for Stacey's Mooro Cycles.

SMP 209 Lite in dark brown kangaroo leather with red and gold perforated stripe detail for Jack's Mosaic GT-1 inspired by his first car, a 1980 Chevy Camaro RS. Matching bar tape and saddle bag.

SMP Evolution simply recovered in plain brandy whip kangaroo leather with matching bar tape for Charles.

SMP Dynamic in whip kangaroo leather and all over perforations in Baum Cycles' copper and blue sky.

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Customised saddles in natural roo from 2021 to date

 2021 - Coco-Design Spline full carbon saddle covered in natural leather with perforated side bits in sky blue. Customised for CCACHE.CC in Sydney.

2022 - Fizik Antares fully perforated with diagonal contrast colour bands in grey, orange red and tan for Greg's OPEN UP.

2022 - Selle SMP Forma in natural roo leather with minimal perforations in green grey plus bar tape with a nice set of silver Busyman bar end caps.

2022 - Specialized Power in natural roo with a dragon design from Norse mythology. Raised motif with some darker brown perforated detail for Allan's wooden TWMPA

2022 - Fizik Argo in natural roo leather with pale blue perforated side bits and raised Fleur-de-lis motif for Peter who also loves his vintage Avocet saddles.

2022 - Specialized Romin in natural roo leather with pale blue perforated back end, again for Peter.

The natural vegetable tanned kangaroo leather starts out very pale like this but quickly develops a light tan with exposure to daylight. With use the saddles and bar tape will continue to deepen in colour developing a patina in light honey, rich deep honey and even deep brown tones.