Tuesday 31 March 2015

Selle San Marco Mantra: Rapha Colours

Edo's Mantra recovered in black kangaroo with the classic Rapha CX colours for the other Baum/Rapha Tour Down Under Corretto.  Three colour triple perforation bar tape.  Now rolling around various parts of Indonesia.

Fizik Aliante: Antique Rapha Colours

This Aliante had a few problems.  Hand dyed leather combined with bright/light coloured perforation underlays looks great but the dye gradually leeches onto the colours causing them to take on a tint of the main saddle colour.  The solution; don't use hand dyed leather if you want bright contrast details.  There are plenty of other kangaroo colours to choose from, it will just take a bit more riding to make them look antique.

Selle SMP: Hand Dyed Duo

Stockholm bicycle courier Bjorn has two hand dyed kangaroo SMP saddles with matching bar tape for his birthday. Happy birthday Bjorn.

Selle SMP: Yellow Colnago Set for Mr. Li

A black and yellow set for Mr. Li's Colnago.  Selle SMP, bar tape with logo perforations and stitch on top tube protector. 

Selle SMP: Rapha Greens

Selle SMP matching bar tape with three tonal greens for one of Baum's Tour Down Under Rapha Correttos

Wednesday 25 March 2015

SMP: Gemini

Selle SMP Forma recovered in black kangaroo with the Zodiac Gemini twins.

Fizik Antares: Bandit Tiger

Fizik Antares: Veletage Chevron Stripes

Chevron and stripe details derived from the logo of new Vienna bike store Veletage.

Fizik Antares: Red Tartan

AK's Fizik Antares recovered in red kangaroo perforated with a 'bias cut' blue and white tartan. Matching red bar tape with a slice of the tartan detail.

SMP: Team Garmin Felt Argyle

Selle SMP Evolution recovered in black kangaroo leather with Team Garmin Felt Argyle detailing in white and blue perforations.

SMP: White with Grey Perforations

Selle SMP 209 Lite in white with classic, but oversized, perforations for JS's retro steel build.

SMP: White with Italian Perforations

Selle SMP in white kangaroo with green and red perforated sides for another pink Baum Corretto. Matching tape with twin perforations.

Monday 23 March 2015

Selle Italia Turbomatic: Red with Italian Perforations

Selle Italia Turbomatic Flow recovered in red kangaroo leather with green and white perforation detail referencing the Italian tricolore. Matching red bar tape in cow leather.

Riding Wallets

His and hers wallets with zip closure and card holders. Alchemy relief symbols for air and water on one side and the family's zodiac signs on the other.