Wednesday 22 July 2015

Fizik Vesta: Purple Raven take 2

A second set for Jennifer. Her new Cielo was stolen shortly after wrapping her handlebars, fitting the saddle and attaching the mini saddle bag.

Busy Bee Set: Selle Italia Turbomatic

The Busy Bee set for Andrew's Bee themed Firefly. Gold, bees, blossoms, hand writing and hand stitching.

My Mountain: Bontrager Serano RL

My Mountain is a bike store in East Brunswick, Melbourne. This Bontrager Serano saddle is recovered for their recent Chris King Cielo CX build in chartreuse and blue. The logo takes reference from the world famous Paramount Studios.

Tune Concorde: Bastion Cycles

The launch of Bastion Cycles happened a few weeks ago. I had the privilege of covering this Tune Concorde saddle for their first prototype bike.

Fizik Kurve: Chevron & Wallet

Christian's Fizik Kurve saddle with a fine geometric chevron pattern and matching small billfold wallet perforated through.

Saturday 11 July 2015

Specialized Romin: Firefly

Firefly logo key line perforations.

Selle Italias for Ken Evans

A Pair of Selle Italias for Ken Evans. The Fleur de Lis features Ken's fork crown detailing and the 'K' on his head tubes.

Friday 10 July 2015

Selle Italia SLR: Pink Dachshund

Pablo Picasso's sausage dog for a Speedvagen.

Thursday 9 July 2015

SLR: Rapha Colours

Selle Italia SLR in the signature red, pink and blue for a recent Baum Rapha Corretto build.

S-Works Toupe: Martini Racing Stripes

I finished my first S-Works Toupe today and after worrying a lot about how it would work I think it turned beautifully. This is now my favourite version of the Toupe.

His & Hers: Flite & Oura

Living in NSW's Snowy Mountains seems to be the perfect place for chasing hills. For her a Specialized Oura with celeste infinity symbol and for him the mountain range on his Selle Italia Flite.

Wednesday 8 July 2015

Bianchi: Celeste Wrap

A Celeste bar wrap macthing the Super Turbo saddle to finish off one of Velo Aficionado's recent Bianchi x4 everyday bike restoration.

Travel Wallet

Natural kangaroo travel wallet cleverly designed by MA to easily access passport, airline card and boarding pass whilst passing through the various stages of airport procedure. The perforated detailing borrows from a Fizik Aliante I recovered for him a little while back.

Specialized Alias: Hand Dyed

Hand dyed vegetable tanned leather with fancy detailing referencing brogue shoes for this Specialized Alias saddle and matching bar tape.