Monday 20 October 2014

Specialized Romin: Black and Red Detail

Titanium: Number 22 on the periodical table in a college font outlined in fine red perforations.

Specialized Romin: Black and Red & Custom Saddle Bag

Small saddle bag with extra length for longer tyre levers. Fully hand constructed using saddle stitch including the heavy duty braided thread stitches on the attaching strap. Matching saddle with red highlights.

Specialized Romin: Graded Red Perforation

Specialized 168mm Romin with red detail graded perforations in the 'geo casino' pattern. Three sets of matching bar tape should be more than enough for the life of the bike.

Specialized Romin: Orange Italia

Perforation details to match Dan's pearlescent orange Pinarello Dogma FP Magnesium.

SQLab 611: Seven Stripes

Detailed with seven perforation rows in three tones with matching three tone graded perforation tape. In the Netherlands on a Baum Bicycle.

Fizik Antares: orange & grey

Detailed seven rows of perforations in three tones on black kangaroo leather. Matte black matching tape with grey stitches and orange perforations.

Fizik Antares: Light Blue & Grey

Fizik Antares: Gold & Silver Perforation

Selle San Marco Regal: Merckx Titanium

Regal recovered for Lloyd's Litespeed AX Eddy Merckx and some matching bar tape with stitch and perforation detail.

Matte Black Bar Tapes: gold & red

Matte black textured tapes in the classic twin stitch and triple perforation.

Fizik Antares: Five Stripe

Five bold lines of perforations in gold and red. Full grain tape with regular twin row perforations.

Fizik Antares: Fleur de Lis

Fleur de lis motif emboss relief with perforation to match the same on Sebastian's Cervelo R3.

Fizik Antares: Love Heart Lugs

Antares saddle and matching tape with reference to the detailed lug work on Dave's orange and blue Llewellyn.

Sunday 19 October 2014

Fizik Antares: 63 RIH

Fizik Antares recovered with world champ rainbow detail to commemorate the medals and championships won on RIH Sport Amsterdam steel bikes.


Wednesday 8 October 2014

Fizik Antares: Pink Baum: 80th Anniversary

This is what the bar tape and saddle look like close up on this Baum/above category Corretto.


This is a unique shaped restoration job. The metal trim pieces were gold plated. Perforation detail in Italian Tri Colore.

Kashimax: Nagasawa

Specialized Romin: Speedvagen

Speedvagen Romin saddle with hand stitched shield logo embroidery. Bar tape with two tone twin perforation detail.

Selle San Marco Rolls: Llewellyn Frog

The Llewellyn frog emboss and perforation on a Rolls with matching bar tape.

ARIONE: BAUM: above category

So this is what the saddle and tape look like close up on this Above Category Baum Corretto.