Thursday 28 May 2009


He we go off on a new adventure in designing and making with plenty of integrated technical challenge. The completely hand stitched leather glove. It started out as a project to replace Feride's favourite leather gloves she ruined when trying to clean them and has somehow ended up with me having a go at making some stylish cycling gloves.

Actually I haven't done the cycling ones yet, here's a picture of the first prototype. The cycling ones will initially be based on this design, then we'll see how they evolve. Fingerless, perforated, plain, multi-coloured.......

Casino Royale MKII: White with Orange

The White and Orange Casino Royale took a bit of work to get it looking nice. The base saddle, an old Cinelli Suede Unicanitor (I think), was a bit beaten up and needed a some repair work to the foam padding before covering. Turned out pretty nicely though. It's to go on Garth's new build, blue frame (light blue would be nice) and orange deep V's. Not sure what he has planned for the bars, grips, tyres etc but sounds like it should be a looker.

I have recently started twisting my own thread with bees wax so that I can get the variety of colours needed in the right weight for this kind of work. Both Casino Royales and the recent purple bars have the home twisted thread.

Stay tuned for some more hand stitched leather lunacy.

Wednesday 20 May 2009

Custom Made: Grips, Pants and Bras

Despite the long silence things have been happening in the Busyman studio. I've been making some made to measure stretch wool 3/4 trousers for a tall fellow in Sydney. I've covered a couple of sets of handle bars for a couple of lads in Windsor and my dear wife has been assessing the handiwork of her young students in the form of 18 brassiers. That's right, bras not bars.
Currently looking into doing a small quantity production run of the trousers, so keep posted for details.

Sunday 10 May 2009

Fixie for sale! SOLD

Lovingly customised with a selection of new and reconditioned parts this chrome moly steel framed fixie conversion needs to go to a new home. Since the build was completed back in January it's een hanging in the window of the Knog Store feeling very sad and unridden. I rode it home from South Yarra to Carlton and again it's hanging around feeling sad and unridden.

If abyone out there is interested please enquire, I need to free up some space for more projects.

Click the title to view the earlier post with info on parts and specs.

Tuesday 5 May 2009

The Bike Pants Are On Their Way

I've been busy designing, sampling and testing these bike pants. I'm very happy with them, 97% wool, 3% elastane. Here's the photographic evidence that Boris' pants are well on their way. Since the photo's were taken and this posting they've actually been completed, posted, received and worn.

Casino Royale: White Leather Rolls Due

Tri has finished another bike to add to his 'quiver' which is starting to resemble something like his surfboard quiver. He seems to have a compulsion for collecting but he certainly has impecable taste and he uses everything that he collects. All three of his builds have Busyman customised saddles (thanks for your loyalty Tri). We love your new Merckx.

A Business Lunch at Busyman

A couple of weeks ago there was a business lunch hosted at the busyman studio. Here's a picture of the flowers and the food. Flowers by ? Food by Busyman.