Monday 29 March 2010

Coffee Bike

Busyman contribution to this beauty.
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Tuesday 16 March 2010

Some more Detail

Yesterday I managed to stumble upon the perfect rims for this fellow. Laminated wood, made in Italia. Mmmmm, nice. Don't know why I previously neglected to post the ornate head tube lug detail, so here it is.
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Monday 15 March 2010

Built By MS

A Master Sport bulit by Motor Spares 547 Elizabeth Street. I chanced upon this frameset in the gutter in Kensington. There was rust, dust and mud all over but I was intrigued by the lug work and the dropouts. It's been sitting around for about a year now and I've decided how to build it up. Initially I was looking at full restoration including paint job but have decided to keep the beaten up paintwork because of its agaed charm. It will have nice new shiny bits, cranks, stem and bars are all being re-chromed. Not sure about the wheels or saddle yet except that it'll be 27" and run a coaster rear brake.
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Colnago Lace

Coming out looking something like a piece of Eastern European folk art and a lace doilie, I couldn't have been happier with this piece. A collaboration between myself and Treesta adds a freshness to the dot graphics.Now I need something like this for my Hillman.
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Tuesday 2 March 2010

Shibori Animal

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It's blue, it's an old Dodsun, it's taken quite a while because I we found a nice Hillman 531 road bike, it's got gears and it's fun to ride and coast for a change. It's my chilled out ride. See Shibori 1. Six bikes hanging in my bike room now and one more to come.