Tuesday 28 August 2012

Skull Aliante and Mini Bag

The mini saddle bag is reversible with a debossed skull motif on the other side and options of a black or white fastening strap. I haven't done a skull for a while, maybe it's time for a revival. The 'chop' monogram was designed by Firefly for D. Li's other bike and now he's dreaming up his next project.

Handmade With Soul: Rolls

Even though I asked Geoff to organise the laser cutting of the lettering, too many curves and too small for me and my scalpel. The original leather was worn through in places, the foam starting to wear away
 and dried up mud and grit all over the place including under the leather. Should get a few more years riding out of this kangaroo skin. Check out Geoff's handmade bike frames here.

Saturday 25 August 2012

Flite Black + Silver

The third of a trilogy of saddles for Firefly Bicycles. A new Selle Italia Flite Gel Flow recovered in black kangaroo with silver backed perforations on the seat section. I re-engineered the cutting pattern so as to eliminate the centre panel through the nose section and to simplify the back with a more refined and minimal centre back panel. I like this one too! Very happy with the outcome.

Baum Obermyer Lightweight

At relatively short notice I pulled together this set of bar tape and saddle recover for Todd's latest Baum project. The bike was inspired by and built around a set of limited edition Lightweight wheels. Head over to Cycling Tips to see the bike and read Todd's story. With the tight deadline unfortunately the saddle and tape hasn't been photographed on the bike yet.

Sunday 19 August 2012

Adamo Breakaway: Recover 1

The Adamo saddle range looks different from what we're used to in  a bicycle saddle. Feride reckons than on the correct angle and with maybe a few extra bits around the nose it looks like the face of the Ood - one of the Dr Who alien species. 

This one is a first for Busyman and as with all firsts a new and fun challenge. Pictured here with matching #5 handlebar tape.

589 SLK in Orange

Mark's Selle Italia SLK recovered in bright orange kangaroo with 589 in raised/perforated technique. The number represents a significant date for Mark. 

Plain Brown Tape

Some plain bar tape I recently sent to Jim in the USA. It's made from veggie tanned cow hide, skived by hand to thin the edges and dyed to the antique brown shade. Each roll is 3m in length and has one join. There is a second narrower layer of softer leather as a backing which gives a little more bulk and some cushion to the wrapped bar.

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Aliante Speedy: Black and Red

Lionel's speedy Aliante in black kangaroo with the speedy dots pattern adjusted to suit the saddle. I am really very happy with the this one. Maybe I should have one too.

Monday 13 August 2012


SMP Lite 209 recover in black kangaroo with ACME graphic. It's Tim's homage to the Coyote of Road Runner fame and happens to be the name of his slot car racing (team?).

SLR Groups: Firefly

A couple of kangaroo covered SLR Flow Kit Carbonio saddles for a couple of new Firefly bikes. One road, one cross with matching handlebar tape for both. Still waiting for the third saddle to arrive. A Flite Gel Flow Max for the mountain bike.

Love Heart Lug: SLR

Elliot's SLR recover for his newly restored bike with heart shaped lug windows. White kangaroo with red and blue backed perforation details. The design is a mix of the classic casino and the more recent speedy stripes.

Sunday 5 August 2012

Max Flite Flow Gel: Natural Leather

My first recovery on one of these, A small challenge to get the pattern right for the panelled pieces to fit the saddle form.  The shape is very three dimensional and to get it right is quietly satisfying. Super happy with the outcome which is heading to Utah for Scott's Speedvagen build.

Matching tape of course.

Smithy Prologo Casino

This group is for Declan's Baum for which the paint scheme was inspired by the signature multi-coloured stripes of Paul Smith. We extracted a few of these colours to highlight the perforations and stitching detail. Declan decided on a saddle recover as well as the new tape.


This is what we were aiming for.

Kangaroo Tool Roll

Just finished making this under-saddle tool roll for Cam's new build. I finished the saddle quite a while ago and the actual bike, a nice new Baum, is due about now.

Peugeot Lion Mattress Saddle

Unfortunately I did not manage to get any great shots of this Peugeot saddle restoration. Done for Ian's new Peugeot folding bike restoration. We opted to place two Peugeot lion motifs facing each other like a couple of gargoyles. Black kangaroo, some new padding, copper rivets, nicer than new I reckon.

Life is Good Rolls

Contrary to what some may imagine life is pretty good with some slightly raised text on the seat of your saddle. No you really don't feel it and no it doesn't cause any discomfort or pain. This Rolls recovered for Kristal in dark brown kangaroo. Notice the disc which is a subtle full moon motif. Full Moon???