Friday 15 September 2023

Busyman Studio Art Collection

We have a small and growing collection of artworks by my dad, our friends and former students. Here are a few pieces, some of which we've had for quite a while and some newly acquired and recently hung. Featured Artists: Inci Bacaci, Zoe Brand, Meg Kolac, Malcolm Peel and Anke Kindle. Malcolm Peel's paintings framed by Sascha at Delord Studios and Meg Kolac's painting framed by Chris at Kastner Furniture. The final image is an incidental work created by me as a byproduct of Busyman leatherwork.

Thursday 14 September 2023

Fizik Argo: Halftone Tickets

What a pleasure it is working with Black Magic Paint in Portland, Oregon. This striking paint design adapted beautifully to the perforated leather application. I named it Halftone Patchwork Tickets. Recently exhibited at Made frame builders show.

Repente Latus

Lulu's super lightweight Repente Latus saddle with perforated details in Baum Cycles' Champagne and Ruby Red.

Form Throne

Ismail's Prova came back Down Under for some accident repairs, so Above Category commissioned a customised Form saddle to send together with the fresh frame.

Wednesday 13 September 2023

MR Power

Matt's initials (and logo) arranged in a repeat pattern of perforations on his S-Works Power saddle. Black leather with white dots to compliment his white and black Pinarello.

Tuesday 12 September 2023

Power to 51 Bikes

Reworking Gary's Power saddle again after the leather started to peel off at the nose. Hopefully this time with the full cover treatment it will stay intact. If not, at least it will be easier to re-glue any edges. The first time it was a plain leather recover, this time we added the 51 Bikes logo and some gold perforations to coordinate with his bar tape and frame.

Brandy Whip Power

 For Adrian's Baum, S-Works Power saddle recovered in brandy colour kangaroo whip leather with arc shaped perforation detail on the seat section highlighted in metallic copper. The difference in colour between the saddle and bar tape is due to the extent of handling the saddle under in construction. Once the bar are wrapped and the the bike ridden the two will begin to match more closely.