Sunday 13 December 2009

Dad's Old Bike

Ayisha needed a bike. The frame had been rusting away in her uncle’s garage, it used to be her father’s bike. Together with parts from another bike the brothers found by the side of the road I pieced this single speed. It holds sentimental value but has been given a new life. A new set of 27” wheels, tyres, tubes, cables and cages. The saddle is from a very large Peugeot sitting in my back yard and the pedals I found in a yoghurt container nearby. Mauve leather basic recovered saddle with cross stitch and matching toes straps. The old Nitto bars are wrapped in cotton twine and herringbone tape. The test ride was nice, I could do with one of these myself I think.

Add to the Quiver

SJ’s new fixie conversion just finished today. The brief was to create a bike reminiscent of her late seventies surfboard collection. Somehow I think the outcome is almost a decade out with it’s almost neon ‘sunny green’ frame and hot pink brake cable. The saddle, looking further back in surfing history, bears some likeness to a blonde wood Malibu in its uncoloured kangaroo hide stretched over the original saddle from SJ’s other bike, a Surly Steamroller. It’s a summer beach bike that was initially supposed to be coral coloured. Most parts are reclaimed from my collection of bits and pieces, the crank spider has been trimmed, removing the built in chain guard and permanently attached large chain ring. The wheels are factory built Deep V’s, new BB, brake calliper and pedals. Toe straps in matching kangaroo, bars wrapped in cotton twine and herringbone tape. A touch of coral in the left side of the bottom bracket.

Wednesday 2 December 2009

The SMP meets the BMC

James sent over this picture of his assembled bike last night. He's paid so much attention to every detail of the bike and has been extremely patient waiting for all parts to arrive. More photos here.
What about something like this Nghi?

Sunday 29 November 2009

Fire Engine Progresses Further

Keylined lugs, original headset, Wiennman centre pull brakes and seat post bolt from the green Raleigh. And stem!

Dutch/Aussie Hybrid

I just finished recovering this saddle for J.O. in the colour of the Dutch national football team, known as oranje. I dyed the leather myself and found the most suitable and available hide was kangaroo. Hence the Dutch/Aussie Hybrid. The saddle is a Specialized Toupe Ti and, incidentally, J.O's from Melbourne not Adelaide.

Thursday 26 November 2009

Super Villains

For Nick's Skelletor build. Keep an eye out on the streets of Ney York City. Dyed to match Nick's Knog  Frog, thread is custom twisted with bees wax for a verigated chartreuse colour and a touch of purple...

Selle SMP: Comfortable

The Selle SMP Glider was certainly a challenge. It was kind of like recovering two saddles rolled into one. Twice the work, twice the blood, sweat and tears. I'm very pleased with the outcome though, it was all worth it. Keep an eye out for it on the streets of Adelaide. There seems to be something about Adelaide folk, they have a taste for complex saddles.

Saturday 21 November 2009

Last Night at the Track

For Barney

Selle Italia titanium flite recovered with decorative dot motifs to reflect the fine detail work on Thuy's recently acquired Barnswell frame. The saddle's done just need the rest of the bike now. There has been BB problems, stem problems......

Concorde Casino

Just finished this Rolls for Re(wind)cycle's recently refurbished Concorde track bike. Multi colour twisted thread cross stitch, perforated deco design backed with hand dyed green leather and the Concorde logo in a keyline relief.

Fire Engine Progresses

Thanks to the MFB, Phillip and Joe. Flo collected the frame on Friday, see his blog for more images.

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Raleigh Fire Engine

Now imagine this Raleigh as a vintage fire engine. Stay tuned for progress updates.

Em's Mystery Bike

Pieced together from an assortment of parts laying around my back yard, spare room, laundry and studio. This bike from Em to M has turned out pretty nice. Including the M Shield saddle and matching stitched leather bar wrap. Flip Flop hub, free wheel only at the moment and waiting for a pair of sexier tyres in 27".

Skuls and Zebra




Yes I've been busy, heaps of saddles, a couple of bikes and not many blog posts.

Sunday 8 November 2009

Old Man Skull

San Marco Concor Super Corsa, again. This time a brand new saddle stripped of its velvety suede and recovered with this old man skull design. This would have to be the most time consuming and technically difficult saddle I've done and I'm not too keen to do another one like it soon. It is completely patch worked together by hand with every needle hole pre pierced. Anyhow, it's done and off to Sable and Argent in Sydney.

Wednesday 4 November 2009

The Lightest

This would have to be the lightes saddle I've worked on, and what a pleasure it was. The cow hide responded perfectly, the pattern making was challengeing and the unique quality of the Fizik seems just right. This one is on its way to Adeliade today to be reunited with its guardian AP and proper place atop a titanium litespeed frame to compliment an ensemble with matching leather bar tape and sky blue brake hoods.

Tuesday 27 October 2009

Some Heavy Black Leather

The next set of double straps, this time with a double keeper to hold things together at the top of the cage.