Monday 22 August 2022

Selle San Marco Aspide: Whipped Whisky


James' Aspide Supercomfort in whiskey coloured kangaroo whip leather with matching twin row perforated bar tape. Black perforations, simple and understated. Complicated pattern with lots of gussets in the Vs and cut-outs. I love the challenge of the pattern making, aiming to get the skin to fit perfectly. Finding a balance between minimal seams and how mouldable the leather is. This one was a pleasure. Thanks James.

Some More SMPs Recently Customised

SMP Forma with no padding recovered with Leh Cycling's Acorn leather to match some of Carson's bar tape for Tim.
SMP Evolution re-padded with thin 3mm EVA foam: White leather with red and green perforated details freshly upholstered for Michael's Baum Corretto.
SMP Evolution re-padded with thin 3mm EVA foam: Black leather with graded yellow perforations freshly upholstered for Waynes Baum Corretto.

Mondrian Inspired Customised Prologo Saddle


Th red plastic trim at the back was the perfect colour. I added a panel seam around the back recessed area for a much neater fit to the shape of the padding.

S-Works Chicane for a Baum


Taking inspiration from racing cars and the livery aesthetics of a certain Italian aperitif is Michael's saddle and bar tape for his Baum Orbis.

Busyman SLRs 2022 to date

SLR Superflow Boost for Phil's new mod inspired Prova.
SLR Superflow Boost for David's Passoni. Subtle blue and green pearl perforations.
SLR Superflow Boost for Anison's Passoni, natural with rainbow spectrum perforations.
SLR Superflow Boost with matching bar tape and pump strap.
SLR Boost Endurance Superflow with titanium grey perforations.
SLR Superflow classic style with leather covered carbon trim for Baum Cycles.
SLR classic perforated with two tones of blue for Steve's Baum Correto.

Vanilla Classic: SLR Special Project

SLR saddle in black with matching two piece saddle bag and floral bar tape for Vanilla Cycles' special classic project

SLR Boost saddle in dark navy blue with matching two piece saddle bag and lots of floral bar tapes for Vanilla Cycles' classic project.

A blue fade wallet for Baumy Junior

Fizik Aliante saddles from earlier in 2022

For Wayne's Baum Orbis

For Stefan's Bastion

Astute Skylite SR: Baum Copper


The regular perforation grid suggests the BAUM name with a larger size hole revealing more of the contrast copper colour.

Thursday 11 August 2022

Copper Arione Flamingo Prova Integrale

Khoa's Prova Integrale is the culmination of many masters of their craft. Frame design and fabrication by Mark at Prova Cycles, paint by Steve at Velocraft, build assembly by Dan at Superbe Velo Service and atmospheric photography by Eric.... and not to mention the Busyman leatherwork by me.

Fizik Arione: Unicorn Redone


After much riding, wear and tear Misao asked me to refresh his worn out Arione with a some new leather in the same design as last time. The refresh included some minor repairs to damaged padding. Hopefully he gets a couple more years out of this saddle. Featuring the unicorn shield logo for his Speedvagen.