Thursday 31 December 2015

Selle SMP: Tri-Color

Every single stitch on my saddles is done by hand with cotton thread and bees wax using saddle stitch technique. Credit to Gareth for the colour block concept this SMP, all colours are kangaroo leather.

Selle SMP: Kangaroo Paw

Gareth's SMP in natural vegetable tanned kangaroo with kangaroo paw botanical detail.

Selle SMP Dynamic: Camo

Brushed dye camouflage on veggie tanned kangaroo.

Selle SMP: Fluorescent yellow perforations

Selle SMP Forma with 3mm of padding added in black kangaroo with bright fluorescent yellow perforations.

Selle SMP: Black on Black

Simple and minimal black on black SMP Composit in stylish kangaroo.

Wednesday 30 December 2015

Fizik Arione: Gold Fade

Jeff is having some fresh paint work done on his Speedvagen and he asked me to rework his used saddle. I applied the offset graded grid pattern with tri-colour fades in Vanilla blue, gold and dark army green. Coupled with graded grid fade (blue to gold) bar tape and a matching frame pump strap.

Fizik Arione: Celestial Fade

Interesting optical pattern effects with these graded offset grid perforations on Greg's Arione for his Bianchi Specialissima.

Fizik Kurve: Snake

Fizik Kurve Snake with faded grid perforations in orange for Roberts Parlee Z-Zero in Dublin, Ireland.

Selle San Marco Rolls: Squirrel

Nick's Squirrel in freehand perforations

Fizik Aliante VSX: Tan & Black

Tan with a black perforated channel and orange top stitch this Aliante VSX is for a Passoni built up by Trak Cycles in South Australia. Coordinating bar tape with triple stitch in three colours on tan kangaroo leather.

Selle San Marco X Busyman: Concor Concept Project

Selle San Marco: Zoncolan

White kangaroo with deep blue graded perforations and a touch of red to compliment the details on Randy's classic looking Bishop Bike.

Busyman Bar End Caps: Silver

Busyman Bar End Caps: Black

On offer as an optional extra with Busyman bar tapes.

Black Suede: Stitched Wrap

Black anodised, black suede and black stitching. Full black & gold Kalavinka by Cycle Project Store in Singapore.

Specialized Oura: Panda

Cute panda peeping over the Oura gap.

Selle Italia SLR: Bird of Prey

Merlin's bird of prey logo in relief for a Merlin XLM by Bicycle Cafe in Prague.

Selle Italia: SLR Super Flow

Stefano's saddle has been sitting in my saddle drawer for more than a year, maybe two. Now it's done and on it way back to Italy. Milano.