Saturday 26 January 2013

SMP: Grey with Red & White

The SMP for Tom's new Baum. The idea is that the colours and configuration of the perforations compliment the signature Baum paint work.

Matrimonial Rolls

Dimity and Rudy are getting married... Official vehicle will be their new tandem bike!

Wednesday 23 January 2013

City Bike Depot: Flite & SLR

A couple of corporate saddles recovered for CBD cycles in Sydney.

Speedy Regal Fyxo Merckx

The final piece for this.

SLR Kit Carbonio MKII - Burnt Orange

Andrew's 2nd Busyman SLR customised saddle. This one's for his new Baum and Andrew found the burnt orange leather for me to use on both the saddle and tape.

Romin for a Condor

This Romin Evo Pro is customised for Zool's Condor Leggero in Rapha club colours with a couple of sets of matching handlebar tape.

Saturday 12 January 2013

SLR in London Tan - Gervase

SLR Flow model for Tim's for next wood framed bike. The leather is veggie tanned kangaroo hand dyed in a darkened version of 'London Tan'. Tim re-padded the saddle before sending it to me for the leather work. 

Saturday 5 January 2013

A Natural Leather Set

Natural veg tanned leather used for this set of toe straps, bar tape and top tube protectors. A mix of kangaroo and bovine, the toe straps are fully hand stitched with a heavy duty braided polyester thread including the attachment of the stainless steel buckles. A choice of top tube protector in the three different leathers used.

SQ lab 611 Antique Brown Kangaroo

Pedro's SQ lab saddle in antique brown kangaroo leather with matching bovine handlebar tape . Green highlights in the perforation backing and a little hand stitched gusset at the back. This set is my first for the Dominican Republic.