Thursday 27 January 2022

2020 Power Saddles

Some Power saddles I completed back in 2020 but not yet shared.

Power Arc for Carolyn's Baum in black with purple and gold

Power Arc for Neil's Sarto in black with purple

Power Arc for Alan's Orbea mountain bike - It says PROMETHEUS in two shades of mint green

Power Mimic in tan fade hand dyed leather with mountain range perforations and Busyman logo for Chhiauun

Power Arc in whiskey whip leather for Craig M's Firefly + matching single row perforated bar tape

Power in whiskey whip leather with dark green perforations + matching twin row perforated bar tape 

Tuesday 25 January 2022

2020 Power Tree & Custom Bags for Sir Alan's Baum

July 2020, just when Melbourne was on the cusp of locking down for the first time I completed this Power saddle, bar tape and bags combo for Sir Alan's new raw titanium Baum Orbis. The initial plan was to make some stitch-on bar wrap however the complex form of the bars and brake levers was too much for me to conquer at the time. The old style Baum tree logo adapted nicely to the back 'valley' section of the Power saddle. The bags are a 2 piece saddle bag and a top tube mounting snack bag with an extra thin Velcro loop to fit just under the headset.

Monday 24 January 2022

2021 Fabric recovers

Some Fabric saddles from 2021

Fabric Scoop in antique tobacco/walnut kangaroo leather with titanium sliver/grey perforations and plain smooth bar tape

Fabric Alm personalised in fade rainbow unicorn colours for Peter's Speedvagen

Fabric Scoop with raised relief Demon Frameworks logo for the Mexican edition of the Bastion X Demon collaboration via Above Category.

Wednesday 19 January 2022

2021 Bespoke Saddle Recovers for Speedvagens

A few more for Speedvagen bikes (and one more Baum) in 2021

Fabric Scoop fully perforated with two shade of Army and Vanilla Blue in graded diagonal bands

Fabric Scoop fully perforated in the old Surprise me scheme

S-Works Toupe - for Mark's Baum Corretto with Champagne & silver details 

S-Works Toupe for Mark's Speedvagen with empty shield logo on the nose and lavender fade perforated seat pads

Perforated with subtle shades of Army and off white to create a kind of atmospheric perspective

2020 Bespoke Saddle Recovers for Speedvagens

Here are a bunch of saddles I recovered for Speedvagen or individual Speedvagen owners during 2020. Still catching up on sharing two years of Busyman work.

Shades of Lavender Ichico text Fizik Antares

Selle Italia Novus Boost with blues and the unicorn shield

Multi-colour Ichico text Selle Italia Tekno Superflow

Shades of rose Ichico text Selle Italia Diva

Shades of Army perforated stripes with a few brighter dots and the Vanilla logo - Fabric Scoop 

Very subtle Vanilla blue to cyan fade perforated black leather Selle Italia Flite Flow

Less subtle Vanilla Blue - Race Red - Cyan fade perforated black leather Selle Italia Flite Tekno Flow

Perforated lines in Vanilla Blue, Race Red and Cyan for Ryun's Speedvagen Horizon with Selle Italia SLR saddle, matching bar tape and two piece saddle bag.

Old Surprise Me scheme for Ryun's Vanilla with Selle Italia SLR saddle, matching bar tape and two piece saddle bag.

Saturday 15 January 2022

Power to Wondercross

For Wondercross a Power saddle in black kangaroo with gold perforations representing the flowing elements of the land.  Beautiful photography by erik.son, Mason Hender and Feride Peel