Sunday 31 January 2016

Fizik Antares: Gold ▋▍▋

 Custom perforated block design for one of Engineered Bicycles' show bikes to be exhibited at Bespoked UK in April 2016.

Friday 29 January 2016

Fizik Anatares: Yellow Canondale

Photographed on the blue wall to match the small perforations of the same colour. The darker blue perforations pay homage to Cannondale's logo in the 90s. The finishing piece for Aaron's '92 Track in Glacier Blue Metallic.

Fizik Antares: ♧

Over in the Czech Republic Matthew is putting the finishing touches to his Colnago CT1 Lux Dream.
Grey kangaroo with green to yellow fade perforation details.

S-Works: Romin Evo

Duck egg blue and yellow stripe detail ready for Brendan's new Baum Corretto. The new S-Works Romin Evo turned out nicely.

DDK: Cog

Adrian's DDK San Clement saddle for his sky blue Cog mountain bike.

Selle Italia Turbomatic: Netherlands

For one of the next Baums coming through Bureau Fidder in the Netherlands.

Fizik Arione: B&W Halftone Skull

Saturday 16 January 2016

ISM Podium: Dragon Head

Relief work on Al's ISM Podium reveals a stylised dragon face complete with teeth and a flame in the open mouth.

Thursday 14 January 2016

Fizik Antares: Feather

A simple feather motif in relief with freehand perforated detail in grey. The saddle and coordinating tape are for a Firefly's FF-454, the one with a flock of black birds covering the back half of the frame.

Aztec Sundial: Selle Royal

Jon's favourite Selle Royal Seta saddle recovered and updated with a relief and perforated motif inspired by the ancient Aztec calendar stone.

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Specialized Power: White Set

Two sets of Specialized Power Pro saddles this week comprising saddles with matching bar tape and saddle bag. Perforation detail on this white set are a blue to pink fade. Destined for a pink Independent Fabrication in China.

Specialized Power: Natural Set

Specialized Power Pro model saddle with a little less padding than the Expert model. The natural kangaroo leather handles the shape fine and over time  will darken with use and exposure to the light. Small zipper saddle bag and matching bar tape all with pale blue perforation highlights. Destined for an Independent Fabrication in China.

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Specialized Power Expert

I have been putting off starting work on this Specialized Power saddle because I have been too concerned about how well I could mould and stretch the leather around the ends of the centre cut-out. Procrastination was no longer an option with two Power Pros sitting in my drawer due to be recovered this week. Thanks to Kim for giving me the saddle to practice with. In the end it turned out quite well, I'd say I'm about 90% satisfied with the outcome.

The first Power Pro did not turn out quite so well. The problem; keeping the foam padding intact when removing the original cover. It has a couple of bumpy sections around the edge.

Some of the new model saddles from a couple of different brands, are causing me some stress; saddles that have the cover tuck into a lip or flange rather than folded under and adhere to the underside of the saddle shell. Over time and with more practice I'm sure I will be able to master them but at the moment they can be a bit of a headache.