Monday 27 April 2009

Custom Bicycle Saddle in Leather: The Navy Goth

The inspiration cam from the stained glass windows in the small East Melbourne church I attended on Good Friday. The service was in Latvian of which I didn't understand a word. We were there to honour Opa who passed away a few days earlier.

This one was done for BSC at QV on a dusty old Fizik Arione.

The colour of the leather is deep indigo purple, the overexposed image kind of makes it look white.

Tuesday 21 April 2009

Leather Bicycle Saddle: The Red Whale Shark

Here's the new one I decided to make for my

cream bike, I thought I needed something a little fancier than the plain red one. It takes a little getting used to visually when you're used to the look of the old one.

Trying a couple of new techniques or variations on my old ones, again the design is informed by the technique. My box of reclaimed saddles generously given by Fyxomatosis is now almost empty, well you could say it's officially empty because what's left is pretty much unusable.

Sunday 12 April 2009

Custom Bicycle Saddles: Busy in Melbourne

Here are a couple of saddles I managed to finish the week before heading off to London. Included, in order of appearance: Sheybeler Two Tone Tan Rolls; The Red Cross Stitch; The Navy and Gold Argyle; The Mottram Two Tone Tan Rolls; Sam Fisher's Japanese Family Crest (featured earlier, but I visited Sam in London so thought I would re post); Nghi's Reverse Japanese Family Crest (on the green Specialised Langster Seattle); and finally Boris' Skull and Cross Bone Black Concor Super Corsa.

Now that bunch keep me busy for a week or two, I also managed to make Sir Paul Smith's bunny saddle the day before I left.

I have a few more almost complete, full of inspiration from the UK trip. They'll be posted soon. And I'm thinking of making a nice new red number especially for the Melburn Roobaix.

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Busy in London

Just returned from a week in London, attending a conference at the London College of Fashion and doing all kinds of bike and fashion stuff. I met Luke from Rapha who introduced me to Jos and Keith at Tour de Ville where I purchased a beautiful old Dutch track frame for Ged. No Pics of that one yet. I met Vivienne Westwood when I went to the Westwood studios to meet up with Sam after work. A touch of shopping at Westwood with much thanks to Sam and his staff discount. I hired a bike for a couple of days and rode for miles in circles and spirals and evenyually to my destinations in the north east and the south west. I came across two ghost bikes, some orange DKNY bikes and more fixies than you could poke a stick at.

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Saddles for Paul Smith

Wife said "The Busyman also managed to do a Bunny saddle for Paul Smith on the day he left for London. He has also given him one his earlier saddles. Sir Paul Smith loved them & invited him over to his studio. I am very proud of him."
Busyman is back from London adventures with an update on the saddles for Sir Paul Smith. Here they are insitu, amongst the millions of books and other artifacts in the maestro's very own office.

Busyman saddles on Paul Smith's blog & twitter.

Before going to London

Mick is in London now, but just before he left, he managed to put Nghi's new custom made saddle & handle bar grips.  He can elobrate on the details when he gets back.