Sunday 7 February 2010

A Saddle Bag Attached

A customer asked me to attach this bag to the saddle on his Gellie Custom touring bike. So I did it with a couple of short belts with brass buckles. Eventually there will be a mini rack to support the bottom of the bag and prevent it swinging around and getting in the way. A beautiful old bag, heavy though, the leather is at least 5mm thick. Posted by Picasa

Green Goblin with Pink Bits

Being such a wonderful brother, on my last day of Summer holidays I gave Ged's Steam Roller a thorough clean. He didn't realise it could look so much like new again. The finishing touch is the "protest brake" with new pink cable housing.

Red Progress

The Two Wheeled Fire Truck is rolling through the streets of Melbourne complete with stainless steel Gellie Custom porteur rack. Not quite finished yet, still needs a black leather carry bag for the rack and some more comfortable pedals.

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Resurected from Beneath a Car

Alison's Road Master, found in a ditch by the side of a country lane. Her dad made it rideable until one of the pedals fell apart, I found a suitable set to replace them in one of my yoghurt containers. Then, while riding through piles if leaves on an autumn day, a tree branch found its way between the front spokes. The wheel was wrecked and Alison found herself and the Road Master underneath a car, thank goodness it was stationary.

Before leaving for a year long tour of the globe Alison asked me to fix it up and left it chained to my front fence with instructions to cut the chain when I was ready to work on it and she would collect in a years time.

Oringinal Parts: Frame, fork, bars, head set, bottom bracket, mud guards, seat post and bolt, saddle
Reclaimed Parts: Pedals, cranks, rims, stem
New: Brakes, hubs, spokes, chain, chain ring, cog and lockring.

It's fixed, I hope Alison likes riding it, should be a breeze since she's experienced on a unicycle.

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