Thursday 26 November 2015

Selle Italia SLR: Pink Tartan

The Busyman perforated tartan design in neon pink and Vanilla blue. The saddle and matching tape belong to Jamie's new Speedvagen.

Selle Italia SLR: Purple Perfs

Revisiting the all-over perforated design I call Geo Casino.

Selle Italia SLR: Tan

A saddle makeover for Joseph's custom-built titanium beauty from Padova, Italy. The carbon cut-out windows and three rows of fine perforations pay homage to the original SLR design. The leather is saddle tan kangaroo.

SLR: Hand dyed brown for Matheo

Deep dark brown dyed kangaroo leather subtly needle perforated for Miquel or Matheo.

Selle Italia SLR: Flame Fade

Selle Italia SLR Flow with half offset graded grid fade perforation detail. The red to yellow fade compliments the fade Hollatext paint on MS' Dark Army Speedvagen.

Selle Italia SLR: Minimal White Stripe

Selle Italia SLR Flow stitched together in black and white kangaroo with a simple 8 mm centre back panel. The design started out much busier and was pared down to this option to suit NG's classic black and white Parlee.

Selle Italia SLR: Radiating Grid

Selle Italia SLR in black kangaroo embellished with a perforated radiating graded grid in white for RG's fancy Lightweight.

Selle Italia SLR: Green Fade

Sascha's green fade Speedy Dots Selle Italia SLR with accompanying white to green fade bar tape. Now fitted to his new Bike Now Parlee.

Fizik Antares: Blue Fade Horizon

Blue fade horizon detail on this Fizik Antares with co-ordinating fade bar tape and frame pump strap. This is for Justin's new Speedvagen shipping from Portland to Sydney very soon.