Saturday 20 August 2011

Vuelo - Technologika

Sunday 14 August 2011



Happy Birthday Roma

Friday 5 August 2011

Gentlemen's Craft

Mick Peel - Busyman

Mick Peel - Busyman

Xu Duo

Next Door - Shifter Bikes

Lether, wool, paper and steel: My work is about designing through crafting. It is as much about the material and technique as it is about the design.

Sachs: Cat: Scott

Richard Sachs - Bespoke Catalogue

Siamese Lynx

My new Scott: Ridden once, then exiled to the gallery
Endless Cycling Gallery and Boutique: Fashion Design Mobility and a bunch of other stuff (books, clothes, busyman tape & wallets, stainless cages and Firefly bikes).

Endless Busyman

A few Busyman leather things for sale at Endless Cycling Gallery and Boutique.

Also Hers:

The matching bar wrap with a few superfluous needle holes - woops!
Fully customised brake levers too - nice job Dan!

Gedemin Peel

A couple of detail shots of some illustrations by Gedemin Peel (my brother). Part of the Fashion Design Mobility exhibition on at Endless Cycling Gallery and Boutique until August 13th. Great drawings Ged, well done!

SB Stars

A Turbo I recovered with the corporate livery for Shifter Bikes. It's taken me a while to get a photo.


For Shifter Dan: Kangaroo dyed black with red backed perforations.
His and hers for a lovely matching pair of single speed townie bikes.


For Shifter Zoe: Natural kangaroo with red backed perforations.