Monday 20 June 2022

Fizik Arione saddles so far this year

Arione 00 with matching bar tape for José's Bastion via Above Category. Black with burgundy, blue and white linear perforated detailing.

Arione R1 with multi-colour Ichico text style perforations for James' blossom pink Speedvagen.

Mark's Speedy Dots Arione in black kangaroo leather with red details and matching perforated stitched bar tape.

Arione no.2 for Minh in his signature Above Category style. Raised logo surrounded by graded size perforations.

Wednesday 15 June 2022

Specialized Toupe saddles from 2021 to 2022

2021 - Toupe for Mike's Colnago with perforated black on black repeat logo motifs.

2022 - Toupe for Dale's Bastion with red perforated Bastion signature design and raised logo.

Tuesday 14 June 2022

Baroque Floral Fade SLR for Erik's Cannondale

The design is adapted from Erik's artwork used for the crazy intricate masks used for his paint and polished alloy etching. I love the way these freehand perforated designs work out so strikingly. I use line work as a guide and punch away at the holes using a variety of different sizes. The bike looks amazing, somehow it reminds me of intricate Italian baroque style furniture. The saddle was the final piece to an already highly decorative bike.

Sunday 12 June 2022

Power Arc for Dean's Mooro Kwibidgi


Dean's striking green and gold Mooro Kwibidgi with customised Power Arc saddle and unique bar tape.

Tuesday 7 June 2022

Fizik Aliante Open: Mooro Cycles


Hot gas flame fade in the perforations to match the anodising detail on the frame for Paul's Mooro Karang.

Saturday 4 June 2022

Customised Fabric Scoop saddles


Fabric Scoop saddle for one of Speedvagen's super cool blossom coloured Ichico paint scheme bikes. I first started doing work with Speedvagen back in 2016 with the first Ichico inspired saddles in 2017.

Fabric Scoop saddle and two options of bar tape for Albert's No.22 titanium bike at MCBC in Hong Kong. The graphic perforation design is derived form the shop's logo.

Friday 3 June 2022

Variety of Customised saddles from 2020 to 2022

Pro Falcon

Repente Aleena

Rapha Pro

Laser / Concor

ISM - Factor V.A.M

WTB Diva - Skull, serpent and roses

BG Lithia Gel - Repeat cat icon

Specialized Phenom - AC Cobra logo

Giant - Navy blue and silver for Mick's Stelbel

Thursday 2 June 2022

Romin Saddle Baum Grapeliscious Purple Fade Perforations

 Purple fade grid perforations on the S-Works Romin for Tan's Grapeliscious Baum Orbis. The bar tape with double row grid perforations also has the same subtle purple fade.