Saturday 23 July 2011

The Bicycle and the Jacket

the toiles, patterns, drafts, films, photos, drawings and collages.
Here are a few snaps from my exhibition which opened on Thursday evening down at Endless Pedal Gallery and Boutique. My jackets are shown in various unfinished stages for a couple of reasons. It's partly an exercise in knowing when something is finished enough rather than than taking something to an over-finished state. It's also about the process of making and leaving some evidence of the making process and technique in the finished (un-finished) piece.

Busyman Tailored Jacket #3 - Denim

Busyman Tailored Jacket #1 with Scott Reincarnated

Left: My toile. Right: Jiwon's beautiful drafts.

Our dining table and Shifter Bikes next door.

Xu Duo's collages & Tamara's seated trousers

The trousers are for the seated body
The exhibition is part of the State of Design Festival and is open until August 13th, 2011. If anyone wants to place an order for a bespoke tailored bicycle friendly jacket I'm keen if you are.

Friday 22 July 2011

On the way out
Swirly mattress saddle
Fancy fender flaps
Baseball stitched grips
Faith from Treadlie Magazine commissioned theses leather highlights from me for her new bike and entry in the Treadlie Made to Measure exhibition. Check it out at Design, Made, Trade this weekend.

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Fashion Design Mobility: Exhibition

If you're in Melbourne next Thursday or some time over the next month drop in to the Endless Pedal Cycling Gallery and Boutique to see my Fashion Design Mobility exhibtion. The exhibition is the product of a RMIT undergraduate fashion design studio, which explores, through fashion design, ideas and issues of mobility in an urban setting.

The exhibition will open on July 21st at the Endless Gallery and Boutique at 6a Wilson street South Yarra, 6pm-9pm and run through until August 13th.

Thanks to Gedemin for making the invitation

This project was an opportunity for me to indulge my passion for the hand made, to fine tune my tailoring techniques and to explore the notion of designing through making, all in relation to the bicycle. The students have created work that is both unique and highly refined. My tailored pieces will be exhibited alongside the student works which range from film to illustration and garments

Tuesday 12 July 2011

A Fox Called Stitch

Fox and Mouse
The little fox turbo is a Busyman donation to the prize pool at Pushies Galore in Brisbane this weekend. Kangaroo leather, hand dyed with applique stitched nose and eyes. He's a cute little character. Seen here with mouse.

Bro 4 Bri Revealed

Check out the washing machine post  featuring an article on the bar tape project for richard sachs. This is what the Bro 4 Bri thing is all about. Soon to be available through the sachs website.

The branding

The tailored jackets for bicycling I'm working on

Sunday 10 July 2011

Richard Sachs Tape Has Landed

Wait for the big release!
Some colour variations on the famous Richard Sachs workbench!!!

Monday 4 July 2011

Ready To Go ATMO

Finishing touches

48 rolls of various length

And some random extra bits
The bar tape for Richard Sachs is finally finished. One cow's worth is 48 rolls with random extra bits for filling the gaps and seeing what it looks like with a golden logo. ATMO!