Sunday 27 February 2022

Customised Fizik Aliante Saddles from 2020 to date

With Bishop logo and block section perforations for Sean's Bishop.
With perforated world champion rainbow stripes through the centre.
With undulating bands of world champion rainbow colours.
With full rainbow spectrum decorative perforated sugar skull design and crazy perforated rainbow bar tape.
Aliante Versus Open R1 with classic pattern perforations in British Racing Green.
In natural veg tanned leather and light grey blue perforations for Keiths Aliante VS.
In brandy colour kangaroo whip leather and green grey grid perforations.
In kangaroo saddle tan leather with raised Rivendell Bicycle Works logo for Corwin's replacement Rivendell bicycle.

Wednesday 16 February 2022

Arione Coat of Arms on the Storck

Perfect location for Andreas' bike photoshoot. The saddle features his family crest as a raised de-boss motif with a knight's helmet, a shield, a castle, some flowers and some flourishes of foliage. Two tone panels in natural and whiskey colour leather aiming to compliment the side walls of the tyres.

Friday 11 February 2022

Customised Fizik Arione Saddles from 2020 to date

Andreas' family crest adapted as a raised relief motif on this two tone Arione for his white Storck Aerfast road bicycle.

Jim's Arione VS in grey calf with perforated pattern detailing in red and black with plain red leather bar tape. 

Arione in white with copper orange for Above Category.

Arione in black with blue for Above Category.

Salifu's grass hopper flag in black with bronze copper background to match his copper coloured drive train (Above Category).
Salifu's ★ and Above Category logo in black with white, red, yellow, green and bronze copper background to match his copper coloured drive train.

Alfred's two RS inspired Ariones with relief repeat logo pattern to match his Richard Sachs bar tape.

Thad's Sachs

I have made work for several of Thad's bikes. For his first Speedvagen in 2016 and for Shao Long's custom Kualis in the same year, a few more bikes along the way and then this year his new purple and turquoise Richard Sachs bicycle. It has always been a pleasure working on projects for these guys from Taipei City, I really hope to meet them in person one day.

Thursday 10 February 2022

Customised Fizik Antares saddles from 2021 to date

Thad's Antares 00 for his new purple and turquoise Richard Sachs with a fine perforated RS logo at the back.

Simon's Antares 00 for his new silver Argonaut. Inspired by his vintage Porsche with dark burgundy fine perforations in black leather a s gold triangle referencing part of the Argonaut logo.

Shiro damaged the original black saddle on his 2018 Speedvagen Surprise Me so we decided to cover it again, this time in white with uniform lavender perforations throughout.

I cannot remember this one - perhaps it was for Chad at Above Category Cycling.

A new full set of leather for Franco's David Kirk X Pegoretti with multicolour perforations on white leather referencing the rivet patterns on the Golden Gate Bridge in his home town. Fizik Antares saddle, bar tape and two piece saddle bag.

Jim's elaborate embossed Antares VS in natural leather with tomb skull and botanical swirls.

Another one for Jim, Antares VS fully perforated with lager holes and a red - pink - maroon camouflage showing through.

 Ted's old Antares 00 back to the Busyman studio for a third re-wrapping. All over perforations with the Above Category logo showing through some larger holes in contrast colours.

SLR for Retro Baum Cortado

I love the aesthetics of this retro style Baum Cortado. One of my favourite bar tape perforation patterns is the simple single row. The bike features an older Selle Italia SLR saddle which I recovered in black kangaroo leather with fine metallic silver perforations.

Tuesday 8 February 2022

All the other SLRs from 2020 to date

SLR saddle and bar tape with silver fine perforations for that classic Baum Cortado.

The flow of this SLR Flow is no longer flowing, stitched up with a facing underneath.

It's always difficult to see any contrast highlight colours behind white leather.

The kangaroo leather for this set was sent to me by the customer. It was from his grandfather's farm. A bit more rigid than the roo leather I'm used to working with.

A simple resurrection for Steve's very old SLR including side 'bumper' panels to coverup the indentations in the foam.

Another SLR set for Ryun, this time for his lovely David Kirk bicycle.

Monday 7 February 2022

Selle Italia SLR Superflows - 2020 to Date

Hand dyed SLR Max Gel Superflow with gold perforated tessellating pattern details and coordinating bar tape.

White and silver SLR with leather covered carbon fibre trim.

Hand dyed black with chestnut fade patina effect SLR Tekno Superflow.

Antique effect tobacco colour kangaroo leather SLR Superflow Boost with perforated bar tape.

Connelly automotive interior leather for Justin's SLR Superflow Boost with matching bar tape and two-piece saddle bag.

World champion rainbow coloured perforations in a 'random' camouflage arrangement for Joseph's SLR Tekno Superflow.

Elvin's SLR Superflow in very dark navy blue with sky blue perforations and some random white scattered around.

Simple black with white perforations on the original SLR Superflow.

Signature Bastion style black leather with gold perforations and the logo raised de-boss on the nose of this SLR Superflow Boost

My first SLR Superflow Boost José's Officine Mattio Brondello.