Thursday 28 May 2009

Casino Royale MKII: White with Orange

The White and Orange Casino Royale took a bit of work to get it looking nice. The base saddle, an old Cinelli Suede Unicanitor (I think), was a bit beaten up and needed a some repair work to the foam padding before covering. Turned out pretty nicely though. It's to go on Garth's new build, blue frame (light blue would be nice) and orange deep V's. Not sure what he has planned for the bars, grips, tyres etc but sounds like it should be a looker.

I have recently started twisting my own thread with bees wax so that I can get the variety of colours needed in the right weight for this kind of work. Both Casino Royales and the recent purple bars have the home twisted thread.

Stay tuned for some more hand stitched leather lunacy.