Saturday 7 February 2009

The Mixte is Done

The old Shogun Mixte is finally done. It's been about a week now, has just been waiting on the final touch of the white leather saddle. The saddle is a softer friendlier white version of an earlier one I did for Thuy, with detailing that reflects the lug work on the head tube. The frame, forks, headset, bottom bracket and seat post are original from the side of the road in South Melbourne. The saddle came from the back shed of Fyxomatosis, rims were reclaimed from another old road bike and polished up, wheels built by Shifter Bikes, cranks from the free Repco Superlight from Carlton (, bars from the tip at Phillip Island, pedals from another old bike sourced from Phillip Island. New chainring, cog, 1/8 chain and tyres. Why did it take so long? Because I had the forks chrome plated by a factory with a lot of work on which also closed down for a month over Christmas. Anyway it's done, it's fun and cruisy to ride and I'm happy with the outcome. This one is for Feride, I feel inclined to do a similar one for myself now.