Sunday 14 November 2010

Ride: Lynskey

The Lynskey Helix with Busyman saddle

Busyman bartape

The bar tape was actually $130
Featured in the Ride Magazine issue #50 is a Lynskey Helix Ti bike complete with Busyman Bicycles custom leather bar tape and recovered Arione saddle. The review is a gret plug for me and my work and gives a very positive review of the bar tape in particular. There is unfortunately a bit of an inaccuracy in the 'fine print' where the price of the bar tape is quoted at $250. The actual price was $130 for two pieces of tape that each exceeded 2m in length and were fully mannually perforated using a single hole punch.

So if youy're considering some custom leather bar tape don't let the $250 price tag scare you off, it's not true.
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