Sunday 22 May 2022

SMP saddles from 2020 and 2021

Having done so many SMP saddle recovers I have been adjusting and refining my patterns with almost every job. This includes adding some gussets on the underside to improve the fit of the leather cover as well as adjusting the perforation patterns so that they follow more accurately the contours of the saddle. I'm really happy with how they are turning out as my technique improves. The one above is fully perforated in the grid pattern with a pale blue to red fade showing through on both saddle and bar tapes.

This is mainly black on black perforations with just a few light blue and orange lines for John's titanium Legend.

For Prova Cycles I tried to cover the saddle in black Alacntara but it was a big FAIL. The complex shape of the saddle required a material with stretch in all directions. It could probably be done but would require some panel seams on the top surface of the saddle. The solution was to use kangaroo leather for the saddle paired with Alcantara for the bar tape. I don't really enjoy working with synthetic leathers.

SMP in black leather with simple all over light blue perforations
SMP - Black on black 2/3 perforated

Smaller 1mm perforations don't show as much of the contrast colour on the saddle. This saddle has a mix of gold and black perforations.