Friday 26 May 2023

Serk: Tan Power Mimic

 For Serk Cycles I recovered this Power Mimic saddle in tan kangaroo leather with perforations in a gentle green to match the bike's paint scheme, and made some coordinating bar tape. The bike is on schedule to show at the Handmade Bicycle Show in Melbourne next weekend.

About the Mimic feature on Specialized saddles: consisting of some very soft foam through the centre on the nose and within the middle recessed section. This soft foam is covered with a super thin and elastic membrane which allows the foam to retain its softness. The leather I use on the new cover does not have the same stretchy characteristic which means the soft bits are no longer so soft. Essentially it becomes a Power saddle with the middle recessed instead of 'cut-out'.

The last photo is a late addition to the bike. A two piece saddle bag with perforated detailing to match the saddle.